Chinese Aircraft Carrier: Moscow Perspective

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Full story: DefenceDog: Chinese Aircraft Carrier: The History Of Discovery And Development Prospects The author discusses the shortcoming of China ability to construct a full-fledge carrier WITHOUT the technical support of Russians. It also hints that Chinese are quiet capable engineering people but in certain areas Russian collaboration must be addressed. Along with carrier what other machines China navy needs ( for Global reach_) is also discussed
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As long as you can land General Aviation aircraft on it, all will be fine!
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Does this mean we're going to be swamped with cheap copies of Cessna 150s etc when its parked off the coast at Newquay?:eek:

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You think this has been done without help from either Russians or the westerners? Money can buy a lot of things - including discreet but expert talent. You only need to look at the latest Chinese fighters to see they are not entirely designed by 'indigini'.
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