Was the french option the best choice for Australia?

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Hi lads,

What I miss in the discussion is a realization that it (the selection process thusfar) is not solely about the qualities of the respective boats, but also about the whole accompanying package: off-set deals, tech transfer, employment in Australia. I'm not saying these should matter most, but disregarding them is unrealistic.


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Selecting a French design based upon a rigorous competitive evaluation process = Highly questionable.

Joining the JSF program after sharing a drink with and being annointed "Junior Sheriff" by George W. Bush = Responsible Governance.

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France to build Australia subs but US to arm them

and there lies the problem.  Once again a US combat system forced upon us.  It caused merry hell with Collins. It costs the taxpayer billions for just that.  Use the indigenous combat system and we can still work well with the USA