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UK DragonFire Laser system:

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BAE joins race for new US frigate with its Type 26 vessel

If BAe have even a sniff of the USN contract; one can understand why they haven't been that interested in T31e.

Interesting comments on that page about the small cost difference between Arleigh Burke's and T26.

IMMOO: a) that illustrates the fantastic economies of scale the USN has got building so many ABs and b) they miss the point (somewhat) a European style Frigate (of whichever flavour they plump for) is going to save money on fuel, maintenance and (most crucially) personnel. Whichever Frigate the USN plumps for could potentially be built in such significant numbers that the unit price comes right down giving a double saving. Bidders just need to ensure that they are not too greedy in selling to a well-funded service.

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Great! It more powerful..amazing!