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Even then, several were in poor material condition. Different world, different mission. Newer carriers require less time between deployments and CVN have longer times between RCOH. USN has a hard time filling CVW’s as is. Might be time to reconsider a sea control ship paradigm to fill peacetime deployment needs. Those big deck LHA aren’t going to be recreating Incheon in future war scenarios. Use em.

First, this talk about retiring the USS Harry S.Truman early. Was nothing but a political ploy to prop up ship building. Which, has likely reached the funding plateau. With the Democrats gaining control of the US House of Representatives. Second, while CVN's (Nuclear Power Aircraft Carriers) are very expensive to operate and maintain. With the arrival of the Ford Class that number will drop substantially. As they will have smaller crews and generally are more efficient across the board. Remember, the USN has one in service and two under construction. So, 30-40% of the Carrier Fleet will be new by 2030. In addition the last 2-3 of the Nimitz Class are of a modified design. Which, while not as efficient and capable as the new Ford Class. Are nonetheless an improvement over the earlier Nimitz Carriers. So, even they will contribute lower costs and projecting more power.

Nor, does any of that touch on similar improvements to future CVW's (Air Wing). Which, will also have similar benefits. (Super Hornet Blk III, F-35C, MQ-25, etc.) Being cheaper to operate while providing vastly more striking power!

So, to recap in the coming decade the USN Super Carrier Fleet will be both more "Efficient" and much more "Powerful" than the existing Fleet.

Oh, and it does stop there. As the Amphibious Fleet has been forgotten as it has very similar gains. With New Ships (LHA/LHD) and Aircraft (F-35B's and Ospreys)

Yet, to listen to the critics. All is lost and we should throw it all away and start over??? (LOL) :stupid:

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The Portuguese Frigate NRP Corte Real escorting the Charles de Gaulle in the Mediterranean