Messerschmitt Me 264

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I'm trying to find out from whom I can license the attached picture. Or if I in fact need to license it. It was printed in the Putnam German Aircraft of the Second World War by JR Smith and Antony L. Kay first published by Putnam in 1973. The photo was attributed to Franz Selinger, an Austrian writer who I believe is now deceased. The IWM have some of his photos, but they dont have this one. Putnam have changed hands so many times I doubt anyone there could help me. Anyone have any ideas?[ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","title":"messerschmitt-me264-amerika_7.jpg","data-attachmentid":3860841}[/ATTACH]

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Hmmmm. I think you're safe to use it but why do you think it necessary to license it? :confused:

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You can also mention the credit to use it legally.

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That image was also published in the series 'War Planes Of The Second World War' Volume 10 'Bombers and Reconnaissance Aircraft' by William Green page 180, published in 1968 and not credited.


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Looking to contact David Levene, who lives in Angus Drive, South Ruislip