Shuttleworth Old Warden (socially distanced) Drive In Airshow 18-07-2020

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A great day with some sunshine,

There were three parking zones, A, B and C. Each zone was served by a separate set of toilets and food outlet.

All the hangars and the indoor shop and restaurant was closed.

In each zone, cars were parked to the left hand side of 5 meter parking boxes marked in the grass. This gave you enough space to have a picnic beside your car or stand up and watch or photograph the aircraft knowing that you are safely distanced from the occupants of other cars. 

You could only leave your box to go to the toilet or get food using the spaced walkways.

I would say that at least 99pc plus of people kept to the rules.  

Entry to the show ground was kept firmly to 3pm with any early arrivals, including me, temporarily parked in queue ques inside Shuttleworth  land but away from the show ground before being let in.

I once inside he showground, I was parked in Zone A three rows back and just one space short to the left of one of the up/down walkways. This gave me a good view of many of the aircraft taking off. I also had a decent view of some of the landings before the foreground, including other parked cars and people coming in to view through my camera. 

As usual, a superb display organised by the Shuttleworth Collection and excellent displays by the pilots and excellent teamwork by all the staff and volunteers to get these aircraft up in the air.


Martin Eames





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Member for

17 years 10 months

Posts: 1,188

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