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Hi everyone
Ref Goodwood airshow Lancasters.

I have a very intriguing question for the photography section.

A friend just showed me a photo of the two Lancasters and Spitfire/Hurricanes flying in formation at Goodwood airshow but there is one thing amiss...

There are THREE Lancasters.

Obviously the Digital camera has somehow added the extra aircraft but how?

In all, four photos of the formation were taken, but the attitude of the ' ghost ' a/c is not duplicated in any other shots.

It is a unique ' ghost ' image as it were.

Also the photo has no other discrepancies.

The crowd is normal. The clouds are normal. Everything is normal apart from the inclusion of an extra Lancaster which has a completely unique flying attitude too.

It looks like it may be the leading aircraft as a badge/decal by the cockpit can be just made out.

How has this happened?

At the moment I do not have permission to show the image here.



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