Giant 1:6.5 scale Grumann HU-16 ALBATROSS Flying Boat

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John Greenfield latest scratch built radio controlled model aircraft was flown at its first public event at North London Model Flying Clubs Scale Day. This model weighs ~42KG and is powered by two Zenoah 62cc engines. The wingspan is an impressive 4.8 metres. John took 1 year to build the model and a further year to design and engineer the undercarriage. He hopes to fly it off water in the near future!

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Great looking model.
When I was considering buying a home with a pool, I started looking for an Albatross to anchor in the deep end. Couldn't find one, but there is a neat ready-built electric PBY made from Styrofoam.

Thankfully, they not as large as the Albatross, that would fill most of the pool.