Real Aeroplane Company Max Holste Broussard - scratch built kit in 1/72 scale

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I had a flight in this aircraft back in 2017 and not long after, was asked if I could build a pair of model "Bruces" by a friend. There used to be a kit available but I discovered it went out of production. Since a few other modellers had an interest in the Broussard and I needed to make two, I decided the best way forwards was master patterns, followed by moulds and then some resin parts.

The project started with a research trip taking photos and measurements and from those I drew up a three view to work from. The only drawing I found on the net was wildly inaccurate. A year later, the first prototype is complete and can be seen below.


A Photoshopped flying shot.





Original post

Here's a few pictures from along the journey.....

Fuselage templates.

The first sections cut to shape.

Most of the basic shapes for the sub assemblies.

Starting to look like a Broussard now.

Panel line scribing.

Mould making.

The first castings.

Starting to come together now.


The custom made decals.

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Very impressive!
There are many aircraft I wish they made kits of, be careful or I'll send you a wish list!

So what's on the wish list??

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Since this thread started with your very nice Broussard, here's a list of light types...
A nice early square-tail Cessna 310 for a start..., Then a 1/48 Beaver, a nice large scale Beech 18, an Aero Commander, various single engine Cessnas, a Rapide, a large Lockheed JetStar, Aeroncas, Taylorcrafts, Pipers in L-2, 3 and 4 versions, plus their civil counterparts (basically the same kits with different fuselages with civil style windows).
A 1/48 Beech Mentor, a Duke, King Air...

Several helicopters...A Bell 47J Ranger (that only needs a resin fuselage since there are just of the open tailed D/G variants, S-51, a NEW S-55 (Revell is still selling their kit which is older than I am...for $20..up from .98 cents with no improvements), a S-56/H-37, a 1/48 H-21 to replace the ancient Aurora kit.

And many more..:)

There are dH Rapide kits around on Ebay in 1/72 and 1/48 scales. I've got a Piper L-4 in 1/48th, but civil types are generally poorly represented. There's lots of colourful more modern aerobatic types such as CAP, Extras etc., which would also make nice models too but I think for many types, the kit manufacturers won't touch them. Some of the smaller companies do limited runs of stuff and I built two AZ models Austers, modifying them into a J1N and MkV. For everything else, there's scratch building!!