Handley Page Victor

A day with Handley Page Victor XM715

Darren Harbar spent a day at Bruntingthorpe with the dedicated team that keeps XM715 alive and recounted it in the February 2016 issue of FlyPast 

Victor cutaway - get under the skin of this V-Bomber

A cutaway drawing of the Handley Page Victor K2 tanker

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The last of the Victors

It’s now three decades since the RAF said farewell to its last ‘V-bomber’, and retired the Victor K2 tankers of No 55 Squadron. But they weren’t about to slip quietly away…

Yorkshire Victor to fire up engines

On Saturday November 25, the Yorkshire Air Museum’s Handley Page Victor will run its engines to celebrate three decades at the Elvington attraction

Bid to restore Victor nose gathers pace

The remains of Victor K.2 XL191’s nose have been acquired by new owners for restoration at a planned museum in Iron Mountain, Michigan

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Life as an instructor on the Strike Command Bombing School

The Strike Command Bombing School didn’t exactly seem like a plum posting for a Vulcan navigator, but the chance to fly the Hastings was among the compensations

V-bomber cockpits taken on at Duxford

At the end of last year, the Essex-based Cockpit Collection donated a pair of V-bomber noses to IWM Duxford

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Did you know the last Victor ‘flew’ in 2009?

Tom Allett looks back to May 2009, when Bruntingthorpe’s XM715 took an unscheduled - but ultimately historic - ‘hop’…

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"It would have been a suicide mission": Victor captain on reconnaissance missions

The Handley Page Victor K2 force was perhaps the RAF’s most versatile asset during the Falklands War. As well as air-to-air refuelling, the Victors initially flew high-priority maritime radar reconnaissance missions and were equipped to carry out low-level photographic flights — which, thankfully, never went ahead

Historic Aviation Quiz: Handley Page Victor

With December 24 marking the 70th anniversary of the first flight of Handley Page’s crescent winged Victor, we dedicate this week’s Historic Quiz to the still to this day futuristic looking aeroplane… but how much do you know about Britain’s third and final V bomber?