The Harrier, known colloquially as the 'Jump Jet' is a family of military aircraft produced between 1967 and 2003. The jet emerged as the only successful V/STOL aircraft design and was developed originally by Britain's Hawker Siddeley, and later by British Aerospace. A US variant - which is currently still in active service - was also produced by McDonnell Douglas for the US Marine Corps. The type was retired by the UK military in 2011.

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The USMC's AV-8B Harrier II Fleet Replacement Detachment at NAF El Centro

Despite the diminishing use of Harriers, the USMC still needs new pilots. For this, a Fleet Replacement Detachment at NAF El Centro in California provides specific conditions for weapons training, as Combat Aircraft Journal discovers

Quiz: British Aerospace Sea Harrier

Operating the most sorties of any British aircraft type during the Falklands War, the Sea Harrier assumed a pivotal air defence role during the conflict protecting the task force. This week's historic aviation quiz focuses on venerable V/STOL strike fighter

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The father and son keeping a Harrier GR.3 ‘alive’ on their farm

The withdrawal of the ever-popular Hawker Siddeley Harrier from British skies was a sad day for aviation enthusiasts – but it hasn’t stopped one Shropshire-based family keeping a GR.3 ‘alive’ on its farm. Darren Harbar chats to a father and son who possess their very own ‘jump jet’

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The incredible impact of the Sea Harrier on naval aviation

Devoid of conventional aircraft carriers and relying on land-based RAF assets for protection, in the late 1970s the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm found itself without a fixed-wing fighter for the first time in its history. Bertie Simmonds discovers that, thankfully, it wasn’t for long

USMC Harriers arrive for major exercise

Ten US Marine Corps AV-8B Harriers IIs of VMA-223 arrived at Bodø Main Air Station in Norway on March 3 to participate in Exercise Cold Response 2022 (CR 22). The exercise is to run from March 14 to 31 for which the USMC has deployed a sizeable force to the Scandinavian country

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The aeroplane that led to the Harrier

The Hawker Siddeley Harrier was the face of aviation during the Falklands Conflict. But before it came the Hawker Siddeley Kestrel, an experimental aircraft that would lead to the first VTOL jet fighter-bomber 

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How the Harrier was made into the Sea Harrier

‘Minimum change’ was the philosophy behind turning the Harrier into the Sea Harrier

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Aeroplane Database: The BAe Sea Harrier in service

The aircraft that defined an era of front-line Fleet Air Arm operations — not least in the Falklands

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Inside NATO's Neptune Strike 2022 exercise

Neptune Strike 2022 recently took place in and over the Adriatic Sea, Daniele Faccioli and Remo Guidi report on the multi-nation exercise

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Aeroplane meets Art Nalls

Only one man has operated a Harrier in private hands, and this ex-US Marine Corps aviator and test pilot could scarcely have been better-qualified