Back to Basics - Series 2, Lesson 1

In Stage 1 of the Private Pilot Licence Syllabus we covered basic aircraft handling and some airmanship skills which culminated in the General Flying Progress Test (GFPT).

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This allows you to take passengers on local flights while you develop your skills even further. In Stage 2, we will expand your understanding of navigation, engine and airframe performance, as well as maps and charts as we work through several navigation training flights.

Up in the air

The key to understanding aircraft navigation and performance is to appreciate the medium through which it is travelling – air. We take it for granted but how air behaves at different temperatures, pressure and altitudes has a direct impact on how we must configure our aircraft to save time and fuel (hence money) while at the same time appreciating how to manage the aircraft systems to extend their life (money again). The behaviour of air on our aircraft also determines how well we can navigate safely.

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