Back to Basics - Series 3 Lesson 7

Flying circuits and landings at night Series 3 Lesson 7 By Peter Stark

All the previous exercises in this series were designed to reteach basic manoeuvres in the unfamiliar night time environment. Safely flying circuits and landings is one of the key skills learnt by any pilot as it combines a wide range of manoeuvres in a compact physical area in a short space of time.

Back to Basics - Series 3 Lesson 7


Bringing it all together

Within the few minutes it takes to fly a circuit and land, we will now have to perform take-offs, climbs, climbing turns, straight and level, descents and descending turns plus landings! So the transition from visual to instrument scans and back again is frequent and must be timely. It will help to start your flight simulator at a large GA airfield fitted with night lighting and surrounded by well-lit urban areas.

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