Challenging Airports - Donegal, Ireland (EIDL)

With the launch of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator (MFS) in August, much attention was rightfully focused on the inclusion of up to 40 highly detailed, custom-enhanced airports that span the globe. For airport junkies such as me, the list provided validation for some of my past Challenging Airport featured adventures, while also revealing some locations that I hadn’t yet stumbled across during my frequent evenings poring over charts from every corner of the world. Within the MFS high-detail airport line-up, the coastal airstrip in Donegal caught my eye as it was featured prominently in the Landing Challenges / Strong Wind activities section of the new simulator. As usual, I dug into researching the airport, collecting historical meteorological data and interviewing pilots with first-hand knowledge. Don a windproof rain jacket and join me in battling the often challenging conditions at Donegal Airport.
Sea fog and mist are often encountered at Donegal with one pilot I spoke to summarising it as “drizzly, wet and windy”.

Short history

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