Italian AMX hits 30

THE AERONAUTICA Militare (Italian Air Force) celebrated two important milestones – 30 years of the AMX A-11 in Italian service and the 80th anniversary of the 51° Stormo – during an event at Istrana air base in the northeast of the country on September 13.

Italian AMX [Marcus Vallianos]
AMX A-11, serial MM7194, from the 51° Stormo received a striking black livery and ‘AMX 30 anniversary’ titles. Marcus Vallianos

The air force’s chief of staff General Alberto Rosso, and his equivalent from the Brazilian Air Force, Lieutenant Brigadier Carlos Augusto Amaral Oliveira, were among guests of honour. Also invited were veterans, their families and officials.

Highlights of the static display were no fewer than four A-11s with commemorative liveries. As well as the all-black AMX 30th anniversary jet, another three of the fighter-bombers received special tails with the markings of the six squadrons to have flown the type: MM7114 ‘51- 27’ – 13° and 28° Gruppo, MM7180 ‘51-53’ – 14° and 103° Gruppo and MM55044 ‘51-82’ – 101° and 132° Gruppo. Final Aeronautica Militare operator is the 51° Stormo’s 132° Gruppo Caccia Bombardieri Ricognitori (CBR, Fighter- Bomber-Reconnaissance).

Italian AMXs [Marco Rossi]
Serial MM7194 was among the four A-11s from the 51° Stormo to be painted in commemorative colour schemes, receiving a striking black livery and ‘AMX 30 anniversary’ titles. Marco Rossi