WIN Virtual Fly North America 'Yoko' Yoke Worth Over £700!

Virtual Fly North America 'Yoko' Yoke

Our friends at Virtual Fly are offering readers the chance to win one their ‘YOKO’ yoke, worth over £700!

Up for grabs is the PLUS version of the famous YOKO, the Yoke. Now with an 8-Way Hat Switch Incorporated, Hall Effect Contactless Sensors and Even More Precision with a 12 bit resolution
with 4096 values. Internal Full Electrical wiring of Infi nite life. Still a YOKO and for a lifetime. An all metal heavy duty yoke that fulfi ls any pilots requirements.

YOKO+ allows an outstanding and precise pitch axis control thanks to its 144mm travelling shaft and thus offers more precision and realism to your flight experience travel. The YOKO+, amongst other features, includes an 8 way hat switch which enables you to move your view while fl ying, hall effect sensors and pitch and roll trims. It also includes push to talk and autopilot disengage buttons.

You can instantly update your flight skills just by getting your hands on this simulator yoke. The aeronautical leather feel will let the pilot inside you take control of your flight sim experience.