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Quiz: How well do you know Japan Airlines?

Ahead of Japan Airlines' 70th anniversary tomorrow, this week's Commercial Aviation quiz will test how well you really know the Japanese flag carrier

Cómo la Primera Guerra Mundial dio origen a la aviación aérea británica

El 28 de julio se celebró el aniversario del inicio de la Primera Guerra Mundial. Key.Aero explora cómo la Primera Guerra Mundial dio origen a la aviación aérea británica

Scimitars from X Flight of No. 700 Squadron. Feature Premium

Early Days of the Fleet Air Arm’s Scimitar

A report on the trials unit and technical developments incorporated in the Royal Navy’s new Scimitar multi-role fighter from the April 4, 1958 edition of The Aeroplane

tu-144 Feature Premium

Why NASA used the Tupolev Tu-144

Key.Aero reveals why in the late 1990s the Soviet supersonic relic was used by the Americans

Inmarsat unveils the communications network of the future

Inmarsat ORCHESTRA will will seamlessly integrate GEO, LEO and terrestrial 5G into one harmonious solution

IATA reveals June’s “disappointing” air traffic figures

Asia-Pacific has been the worst hit, experiencing 94.6% drop compared to June 2019, with Europe suffering similar losses

Phoenix Sky Harbor receives ACI accreditation

The airport was assessed on its cleanliness and general approach to health and safety

Lockheed Martin expects fewer F-35 deliveries than planned in 2022

Lockheed Martin expect that it will deliver fewer F-35 Lightning II fighters than planned to domestic and international customers through 2022

Fw189 necesita un nuevo custodio del proyecto

El Hangar de la Restauración ha sido el hogar de un proyecto secreto durante los últimos años... y ahora el proyecto necesita un nuevo custodio

KLM celebra 75 años de operaciones desde Glasgow

La aerolínea, que voló por primera vez a Ámsterdam en 1946, opera actualmente 18 vuelos semanales desde el centro de operaciones escocés