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A Visit to Bolt Head

Ken Ellis suggests a coastal walk to an airfield with a unique wartime heritage

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Story of the MiG-19

A true Cold War warrior, the MiG-19 was produced in an extensive number of versions by several different manufacturers. Malcolm V Lowe tells the story of this iconic jet-powered warplane

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At the controls of a Strikemaster

FlyPast’s resident pilot, Dave Unwin, reflects on two memorable flights, a decade apart, with Transair's Tom Moloney, at the controls of a pair of Strikemasters

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20 things you didn't know about the Lockheed P-38 Lightning

Two planes, one pilot: the P-38 Lightning made its first flight on January 27, 1939. It had a top speed of over 400 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest fighters to date. To mark the anniversary of its first flight, we’ve put together 22 facts that you may not have known of the P-38 Lightning…

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What’s happening with Aer Lingus Regional and when is it returning?

The brand disappeared following the collapse of Stobart Air, with British Airways and Aer Lingus mainline stepping in on a caretaker basis - so when will it return and how?

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Command and conquer: Developing C2 capabilities for space

Recent threats to commercial and military activities in space have prompted the United States and its allies to found new military command structures to provide enhanced command and control in the space domain, as tensions with Russia and China increase

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P-51 Mustang 65 Years on

On this day in 1957, 65 years ago on the button, the United States Air Force retired the final P-51s from service. From that date forward, all USAF fighters would be jet-powered

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Heritage History: RCAF 407 Squadron

In the latest of our squadron heritage histories, Andrew Thomas focuses on a Royal Canadian Air Force unit that has flown maritime operations for its entire lifespan – the 407 ‘Demon Squadron’

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New home for TBAG's Buccaneers

When it had to leave its long time base, The Buccaneer Aviation Group (TBAG) had some tough decisions to make. The team’s Jake Wallace reflects on how they’ve successfully saved their two mighty jets and given them a new lease of life at a new home

FIRST EVER – With the distinction of being the World’s first civil air liner to be designed, from the outset, for airscrew turbines, the Viscount promises to set a new high standard of air line travel. Feature Premium

‘The Aeroplane’ air tests the Viscount

The Viscount was the world’s first turboprop airliner and an impressive total of 448 examples were manufactured. ‘The Aeroplane’ published this air test report on the new propliner in its November 4, 1949 issue