Jamie Ewan

Historic Aviation Quiz: The Convair F-106 Delta Dart

With February 2 marking the 54th anniversary of the United States Air Force’s infamous ‘Cornfield Bomber’ incident, we dedicate this week’s to Convair’s “Ultimate Interceptor” – the F-106 Delta Dart

Historic Aviation Quiz: The Avro Lancaster

With the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre's Avro Lancaster 'Just Jane' in our news this week following its evocative 'Poppy Drop' at East Kirkby, the Historic team ask the question, how much do you know about the ‘Lanc’?

Historic Aviation Quiz: The Lockheed Constellation

With Key.Aero celebrating Lockheed's world changing Constellation, we dedicate this week’s quiz to what is perhaps one of – if not the – most elegant propliners to ever grace the skies…

Historic Aviation Quiz - September 1

Test your general historic aviation knowledge with this week's quiz from Key.Aero...

Historic Aviation Quiz: Fighters of the 1930s

With the shadow of world war growing on the horizon during the 1930s, aircraft designers and manufacturers worked to push the boundaries of fighter aviation – especially when it came to the development of all metal skins, retractable undercarriage, more powerful powerplants and increased armament capabilities. But can you recognise these lesser-known fighters of the 1930s?

Historic Aviation Quiz: The Spitfire Mk.I

With August 4, 2023 marking the 85th anniversary of the Spitfire Mk.I entering Royal Air Force service, we dedicate this week’s quiz to a type that combined elegance, speed, lethality and maneuverability and opened the chapter for what is regarded one of – if not – the most iconic aircraft in aviation history…

Hawker Tempest edges closer to flight!

The air around Sywell was broken by the growl of a Bristol Centaurus on April 19

Historic Aviation Quiz – The TSR-2 edition

With April 6, 2023, marking the 58th anniversary of the announcement that the then Labour Government had cancelled the British Aircraft Corporation TSR-2, we dedicate this week’s Historic Aviation Quiz to a type now said to be a byword for prematurely negated projects…

Could XH558 stay at Doncaster indefinitely?

The Vulcan to the Sky Trust revealed that Avro Vulcan B.2 XH558 will remain at its current home. Could it stay at Doncaster as the trust wanted?

Unique Electra to make UK public debut

The Lockheed Electra flown on daring reconnaissance missions prior to World War Two is set to appear at a photoshoot later this month