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UK planespotting highlights: December 2022

We present a selection of images of visiting aircraft from airports around the UK. For the most part, they’re commercial jets, but almost all of them are unusual types, wearing new or unique liveries, or first visits by an airline or airliner to a particular airport.

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Flight sim airports - Part 3

This time, we travel to the UK for our first look at a British airport. EGKK Gatwick is a 'port,' meaning that Origami Studios based this design on an earlier edition of its work. Let's get on the ground and see how it compares with other airports in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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Laker Airways is born: Remembering Sir Freddie Laker

After founding Air Charter and growing a lucrative vehicle ferry service, Sir Freddie developed ambitious plans for even further expansion of his aviation empire

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JetBlue to add more UK flights

There are positive developments from JetBlue Airways regarding its transatlantic operations as more flights to the United Kingdom are planned from later this year…

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Looking back at British Airways' 'World Images' rebranding

A quarter of a century after British Airways unveiled the first of a planned 50 ‘World Images’ across the tailfins of its fleet, Martin Needham looks back at a period almost airbrushed from the carrier’s history

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Your guide to the tails of British Airways' 'World Images' rebranding

With it being a quarter of a century since British Airways unveiled the first of a planned 50 ‘World Images’ across the tailfins of its fleet, Martin Needham compiles a snapshot of 34 different designs to grace an aircraft.

How many UK departures are expected over the early May bank holiday weekend?

The green shoots of recovery are starting to show as scheduled flight departures from the UK over the early May bank holiday weekend – April 30th to May 2nd – are up 521% compared with the same bank holiday period in 2021. With data supplied from aviation analytics firm, Cirium, find out all the information and more here!

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London Gatwick’s growing optimism

The green shoots of recovery are starting to appear at London/Gatwick as the West Sussex airport recorded a reduction in its annual losses while it sets its sights on a strong summer ahead.

Gatwick installs digital aircraft turns platform

Aircraft turnarounds are being transformed at Gatwick with a new handheld digital platform, the AirTurn

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Gatwick outlines South Terminal reopening date

After nearly two years, London/Gatwick’s South Terminal is poised for reopening on March 27 in a bid to “meet the expected strong demand” during summer 2022 and beyond.