Los Angeles

United announce huge South Pacific expansion

The carrier said it is the “largest South Pacific expansion in aviation history”

Orbx releases Helipads LA Medical

Orbx has introduced a new Medical Activities Expansion Pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator, covering the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

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iniBuild’s Los Angeles Airport review

We explore iniBuild’s rendition of one of the more famous destinations in the US, Los Angeles Airport. 

Los Angeles for Microsoft Flight Simulator out now

Scenery developer, iniScene has announced Los Angeles for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available.

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British Aerospace 146 in PSA service

Fighting to Be Heard by Brian Wiklem is a love letter to the last commercial airliner built in the UK: the British Aerospace 146. Airliner World presents an extract from this new book.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Touches Down in Hollywood

Orbx has released KBUR Hollywood Burbank Airport v2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Which airline recently celebrated 50 years of flying to the USA?

50th anniversary inbound! Find out which international airline has just recently celebrated half a century of flying to the USA – back in 1972, its first US services consisted of just two routes flown by the iconic Boeing 707. Can you guess? No need, just find out here…

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The huge transformation of Los Angeles' LAX hub

Despite serving a city synonymous with beauty and glamour, LAX has been long been considered the ugly sister of the airport world. Tom Batchelor travels to California to learn how the Pacific hub is being transformed beyond recognition

Los Angeles in a New Light

Regular Airliner World reader, Matthew Givot, has been in touch to share details of a short film that he and some friends have just wrapped up at Los Angeles International (LAX).