Airline Gemini goes on show at Kristiansand

Classic Miles twin exhibited in airport terminal building

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Shuttleworth Racers – from the cockpit

Shuttleworth Collection pilot Jean-Michel Munn has flown all three of Old Warden’s charismatic 1930s racers. Here he describes the pleasures – and challenges – of flying each

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What is it like to fly the delectable Miles Falcon?

Anyone who has been fortunate enough to fly a vintage aircraft will know that, just occasionally, magic moments of total timelessness occur. I experienced such an event several years ago while flying Peter Holloway’s beautiful Miles Falcon...

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The origins of the Mission Aviation Fellowship

Wartime inspired an alternative form of service, birthing Mission Aviation Fellowship – now more than 75 years old. Robin Evans and Darren Harbar explain all

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Czech Miles Magister flies following restoration

Following a two-and-a-half-year restoration at Henstridge, Somerset by Kevin Crumplin, Miles M14A Magister N3827/G-CLHY received its permit to fly on May 13.

The historic Miles headquarters building in Woodley News Premium

Petition launched to save historic Miles Aircraft factory building

An online petition has been launched with the aim of saving one of the last surviving Phillips & Powis — later Miles Aircraft — factory buildings at Woodley, just east of Reading, Berkshire…