No 617 Squadron RAF

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The Dambusters Today

Based at RAF Marham in Norfolk, 617 Squadron will remain as the UK’s frontline F-35B Lightning unit until 809 Naval Air Squadron stands up later this year. Officer Commanding 617 Sqn, Wing Commander Stew Campbell has a unique perspective on the 80th anniversary year, having been involved in the 70th anniversary commemorations in 2013.

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Dambusters in depth: The history of 617 Squadron

To mark the 70th anniversary of the Dambusters famous raid, in the May 2013 issue of FlyPast, Andrew Thomas examined the heritage of 617 Squadron – arguably the most famous RAF unit of them all

Historic Aviation Quiz: 'The Dambusters'

With Key.Aero honouring the ‘Dambusters’, we dedicate this week's quiz to the squadron, men, and machines of Operation Chastise – the audacious attack against the Great Dams of Germany’s Ruhr on May 16/17, 1943 in what was dubbed the “greatest raid” of the war…

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Why was the Sorpe the forgotten Ruhr dam?

Albert Speer, Hitler’s armaments minister, believed the war could have been shortened had the RAF breached the Sorpe dam as it did the Möhne and Eder. Why didn’t No 617 Squadron do the deed during Operation ‘Chastise’?

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Who were the 'Dambusters'?

One hundred and thirty-three men flew into the history books on the night of May 16/17, 1943, for an audacious attack against the Great Dams of the Ruhr in Operation Chastise. These are the men who hit the heart of Germany’s industry in what was dubbed the “greatest raid” of the war…

BBMF to commemorate 80th anniversary of Dams Raid…

Did you know the BBMF will commemorate the 'DamBusters' on May 16? Here is how and where...

Southend Vulcan to honour ‘Dam Busters’ 

Avro Vulcan B.2 XL426 to take to the runway at twilight to commemorate 617 Squadron...

‘Johnny’ Johnson road name campaign

A campaign is afoot to name a road in Bristol after ‘the last Dambuster’, Sqn Ldr George 'Johnny' Johnson, who died on December 7.

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UK delays full operating capability for F-35B fleet by two years

The UK’s Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II force has suffered a schedule setback after it was revealed that full operating capability for the fifth-generation multi-role stealth fighter fleet – which was initially planned to be declared in 2023 – has now slipped by two years to 2025

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Lancaster Legend: ‘Mickey’ Martin

Legendary bombing leader and commander of 617 Squadron, Group Captain Leonard Cheshire VC, has been quoted as saying that Dambuster pilot ‘Mickey’ Martin was: “the greatest operational pilot the Air Force has produced.”