The Ultimate Cargo Airlines Logo Quiz

And now, as they say, for something completely different. 10 logos again this week for you to guess – but they’re all cargo airlines. Are they current? Are they defunct? That’s for you to work out. How will you do?

Historic Aviation Quiz: Supermarine

Founded in 1913 as Pemberton-Billing, Supermarine went on to become one of the most regarded aircraft manufacturers the world has ever seen. In fact, it could be said one of its products, the Spitfire, is arguably the most iconic aeroplane of all time. Producing countless aeroplanes and designs up until its incorporation in the British Aviation Corporation in 1960, how many of these lesser-known ones can you identify?

The Monday Military Aviation Quiz 153

Welcome to the 153rd Monday Military Aviation Quiz! How well do you know your modern military aircraft? Test your aircraft recognition skills here

The Ultimate African Airline Logo Quiz (Part One)

This week we’re in Africa. Well, not literally. Unless you’re reading this and you are in Africa, in which case hello Africa!

Here we have ten more logos for you to guess, some current airlines and some defunct. Enjoy!

Historic Aviation Quiz: The DC-3

With Key.Aero celebrating Douglas’ indomitable DC-3, we dedicate this week’s quiz to what is perhaps one of the most iconic aeroplanes ever – and one that still ploughs the skies for trade hauling cargo, more than 80 years after it first took to the air. But how much do you know about the type many believe say will never die and could well be one of the first to beat a century in service?

The Ultimate Middle East and Asia Airline Logo Quiz (part one)

Continuing our series of airline logo quizzes, this week we present 10 airlines from across the Middle East and Asia.

Can you name them all?

Historic Aviation Quiz: US type nicknames

Across the annals of flight aircraft have been bestowed unofficial nicknames – some pleasant, others not so much! – by those that flew or maintained them, worked on them. But do you know the often-forgotten nicknames of these historic US types?

The Monday Military Aviation Quiz 151

Welcome to the 151st Monday Military Aviation Quiz! How well do you know your modern military aircraft? Test your aircraft recognition skills here

The Ultimate North American Airline Logo Quiz

Ten questions for you to get stuck into this week all on North American airlines. Will they be current? Will be they be historic? Scroll down and have a go!

Historic Aviation Quiz: Trainers of the 1930s

With the shadow of conflict appearing on the horizon throughout the 1930s, aircraft designers and manufacturers continued to push the boundaries of aviation - especially when it came to the development of bombers with all metal skins, retractable undercarriage, more powerful powerplants and increased armament capabilities. This resulted in an influx of training types across the globe. Can you recognise these lesser-known trainers from across a decade defined by global economic and political crisis?