RAF Bomber Command

The 'last Dambuster' Johnny Johnson dies aged 101

Sqn Ldr George ‘Johnny’ Johnson has passed away, aged 101

IBCC ‘stands with giants’

An impressive remembrance-themed display is on show at the International Bomber Command Centre

Legendary test pilot Alex Henshaw on flying the Lancaster

The Vickers-Armstrongs plant at Castle Bromwich turned out 305 Lancasters during World War Two. In a feature first published in Aeroplane’s September 1983 issue,  test pilot Alex Henshaw recalled flying the first of them — and the machinations leading up to it

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How successful was the Allied bomber offensive of WW2?

With the US Army Air Forces attacking by day, and RAF Bomber Command at night, the combined Allied bomber offensive wrought a significant toll against the German war machine. But, 80 years after the first sorties by the US 8th Air Force, did the results meet the expectations of its advocates?

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Atomic Allies: The origins of UK-US nuclear target co-operation

Had nuclear war broken out in Europe prior to 1958, it’s possible US Air Force Strategic Air Command and RAF Bomber Command might have ended up attacking the same Soviet targets with their atomic weapons. Then, sensibly, a new era of co-operation was ushered in. Ben Dunnell examines the origins of this partnership.

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80th anniversary of Bomber Command’s Arthur ‘Bomber’ Harris

On 21st February 1942, Arthur Harris assumed his position as Commander in Chief of Bomber Command. Key.Aero visits Harris' contribution to the war and why some may have been less enamoured by his plans than others...

Roger Leivers: Stirling to Essen Feature Premium

Book Review: Stirling to Essen

It was at 4.35am on Saturday April 11, 1942, following an aborted landing at RAF Alconbury when the badly damaged Stirling, ‘G’ for Goblin crashed on the outskirts of Godmanchester…

Squadron Leader L. S. ‘Benny’ Goodman News Premium

RAF Museum acquires Goodman medals

Expert Medal Auctioneers, Dix Noonan Webb have arranged the sale of six Second World War campaign medals that were awarded to Lancaster pilot Squadron Leader L. S. ‘Benny’ Goodman to the RAF Museum…


Rare colour photos of pre-1950 British bombers

The birth of the aircraft in the early part of the 20th century brought with it a new opportunity, that of being able to drop bombs on the enemy. A new book, British Aviation: The First Half-Century contains over 170 beautifully colourised images of British aircraft produced before 1950. Key.Aero presents a selection of some of our favourite bombers.

International Bomber Command Centre awarded VisitEngland gold accolade

The International Bomber Command Centre has been awarded Gold standard in the VisitEngland Visitor Attraction Accolades for 2020/21 which recognises outstanding visitor experiences.