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Flying Bulls acquire rare Sikorsky S-58

Airworthy historic helicopter joins Salzburg-based fleet

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Red Bull “Plane Swap” stunt goes wrong as aircraft spirals out of control

A stunt sponsored by Red Bull involving two pilots swapping aircraft mid-flight went wrong when one of the planes went out of control and crashed.

Pilots to SWAP aircraft in incredible Red Bull stunt

Red Bull is known for its daredevil stunts and tomorrow two of its athletes will attempt something the company says has never been done before: pilots swapping aircraft mid-flight. Key.Aero sits down with one of them to find out more

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Red Bull's Maddest Aviation Moments

What does the owner of one of the world's biggest drinks companies do with his money? Why, he buys World War Two fighters and pays people to fly aerobatic aircraft through hangars and tunnels, of course!