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Guardians of Kyiv: Inside Ukraine's 40th brTA

… (Izdeliye 9.13s) operated by the 40th brTA. It is carrying two R-27R semi-active, radar-guided medium-range air-to-air … by the 3rd IAP and had been kept in long-term storage. In 2018, the 40th brTA received a pair of MiG-29MU1s (Bort Nos: ‘07 White’ and ‘08 White’), while a third example (‘09 White’) was delivered …


Inside Ukraine's extensive but ageing air defence system

… said to be about 50, but this plummeted to 39 hours in 2018, hovering at more or less the same levels in 2019 and … the PS.  However, one of these upgraded Fulcrum-Cs – White 08, delivered in 2018 – was damaged beyond repair in a … low-altitude point air defence, includes the Strela-10 (SA-13 Gopher ) with up to 2.7nm range and the ZSU-23-4 Shilka …


Two more MiG-29MU1s for Ukraine

… The two new MiG-29MU1s, ‘07 White’ and ‘08 White’, on the LDARZ … equipment (see MiG modernisation in Lviv , January 2018, p82-85). The two new MiG-29MU1 aircraft – ‘07 White’ …



… hottest neighborhoods on the planet. EXERCISE ‘CLEAR SKY 2018’ could easily be viewed as just another interoperability … will only serve to strengthen the ties between the two nations at personal and professional levels. And while it … flows, sortie construction, and putting it together in a new, compartmentalized document for the Ukrainian leaders to …