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DC Designs Concorde Review Article

DC Designs' Concorde Review

… An icon comes to Microsoft Flight Simulator For many, Concorde’s association with Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) … DC Designs has been at the forefront of producing the Concorde for the last couple of incarnations of Microsoft … welcome news to the community. On the climb from JFK as Concorde returns as BA002. In real life, the reality is that …


Concorde for Microsoft Flight Simulator Released

… Aircraft developer, DC Designs has announced the Concorde for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available. … DC Designs' Concorde is designed to be accessible to all users without … and most switches, dials and knobs modelled from the real Concorde. The forward passenger cabin is also fully modelled …

Concorde Article

Historic Aviation Quiz: Concorde Edition

Concorde made its final passenger flight 19 years ago, but … civilian aircraft ever produced, you can read more about Concorde in articles such as these… Flight testing Concorde Concorde: The legend and innovations What was it …


Tailwind Air: the Concorde of regional travel?

… Air has lofty ambitions, reports Tom Batchelor The “ Concorde of regional travel”: that is how US charter airline … a premium, high-speed service. While we’re obviously not a Concorde, we often think of ourselves as the Concorde of regional travel. For people who value time, we …


The inside story of Concorde's first airline flight

… On 2nd March 1969, Concorde made its first flight. But the path to its service … brilliant innovation and sheer hard work. British Airways’ Concorde G-BOAA, with its complement of VIP passengers, is … in an immaculately choreographed double launch, Air France Concorde F-BVFA has departed for Rio de Janeiro at precisely …

Concorde take-off Article

What it was like to fly on Concorde

… From 1993 to 2003, Andreas Spaeth flew on Concorde eight times. In this extract from his new book, he … not long before the type’s retirement A British Airways Concorde takes off from Heathrow on November 7, 2001 DAVID … a distance of 3,150nm. The scheduled block time for Concorde on this route is four hours, with arrival in the Big …

Memphis International Airport Article

Memphis opens refurbished B Concourse

Memphis International Airport (MEM) opened its modernised B Concourse on February 15, with departing flights commencing the following day


Concorde Takes Flight in X-Plane

… Colimata has announced version 2.0 of Concorde FXP is now available. … Version 2 has been … modelled. … The aircraft is designed to balance occasional Concorde pilots and study-level simmers using Pro and … X-Plane 12 support will also be offered for version 2.x. … Concorde Takes Flight in X-Plane …

Portland Airport Concourse B Article

Portland opens new Concourse B

Portland International Airport (PDX) has opened its new Concourse B with gates devoted to Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air’s regional routes

Concorde Cockpit Article

Bringing Concorde to a new generation

… about the wonders of the iconic supersonic aircraft … Concorde has a special place in the hearts of aviation … a retired cabin crew who performs daily tours of the Concorde, for a bit of insight into this magnificent aircraft… … If you're a fan of Concorde, you won't want to miss the October issue of …


A Concorde freighter? The variants that never were

… never left the drawing board … For more than 34 years, Concorde graced the skies, but no additional … conducted to examine the process of converting passenger Concorde airframes into freighter variants for the US cargo … grounded in advance of the three leased to FedEx.   For Concorde, nothing ever came of a freighter variant.  However, …


How did the Tupolev Tu-144 compare to Concorde?

… the two superpowers. So, which was better: the European Concorde or the Russian Tu-144? … When the Tupolev Tu-144 … the following year. Aware that a similar concept - Concorde - was swiftly progressing in Europe during the … projects amidst a period of rapid industrialisation. With Concorde eventually taking to the skies in March 1969, two …

British Airways Aerospatiale BAC Concorde on final-approach at sunset Article


… includes…   Two tickets for a Platinum Tour around BAC Concorde G-BOAC at the Manchester Airport’s Runway Visitor … metal construction set from Coach House Partners depicting Concorde G-BBDG - the first British production example of the … famed Landor scheme (worth £75) A copy of Key Publishing’s Concorde 50th anniversary bookazine (worth £4.99)     … WIN! …


52nd FW F-16s conclude ACE, WIC deployment in the Netherlands

Lockheed Martin F-16C/D Fighting Falcons and airmen from the USAF’s 52nd Fighter Wing at Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany have recently completed an agile combat employment (ACE) deployment to the Netherlands


Mach-maker extraordinaire

Concorde courses through Katie John’s mind in words, images … Supersonic Flights All images KEY Collection unless stated Concorde began as a futuristic dream – then the cost of its … for a trip of a lifetime. But with the final flight of Concorde G-BOAF back to her birthplace of Filton, Bristol, …