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Navigraph releases Avionics Plugin for MSFS

… be installed for free from the MSFS in-game Marketplace. Search for and install the Working Title TBM 930 Enhanced and …


Just Flight’s Avro Vulcan B Mk. 2, K.2 & MRR review

… intakes. Incidentally, if you want to hear the howl, just search YouTube, where plenty of videos are available. Or you …


Lockheed Constellations: The whole family of aircraft explained 

… of today’s AWACS aircraft, required separate radars for search and for height finding. USAF Super Constellation …


Argentina buys new Bell 407 GXi fleet for mountainous SAR ops

… SA-315B Lama light helicopters in performing high-altitude search and rescue (SAR) operations in Argentina’s mountainous …


SimBrief dispatch interface updated

… for more convenient access to various aircraft weights Search for a flight or airframe using the provided search box Improved airport detail, such as current weather … as ATC units and available cruising levels New tool to search for routes between airports. Compatible devices: …


Forgotten hero - Lockheed Hudson in action

The Lockheed Hudson’s fighting career extended to all theatres of war – but history seems to have barely acknowledged this pugnacious campaigner. Andrew Thomas rights this wrong with an overview of the machine’s wartime service


Carrier jets over Korea

When war broke out on the Korean peninsula in 1950, involving the nascent United Nations, carrier aviation with jets had barely begun. In a new special magazine called ‘Carrier Aircraft of the Classic Jet Era’ from Key Publishing, Matthew Willis explains in this article how despite all the limitations of early jets, and the challenges brought by revolutionary swept-wing fighters, the jet-powered naval aircraft soon proved their worth.


RAF aircrew training – the problems and way ahead

… helicopter training. The DHFS also oversaw the Search and Rescue Training Unit (SARTU) at Valley, using the … Army Air Corps Gazelle AH.Mk 1s. The privatisation of the search and rescue (SAR) provision reduced the requirement for …


Could Ukraine be given a fourth ex-Royal Navy Sea King?

… Ministry of Defence said the helicopters would be used for search-and-rescue operations. While the specific variants and …


Blackbushe Vickers Viking 'Vagabond' restoration revealed

… applied to them in the aircraft’s previous life. The search is on for pairs of seats ready to go straight into the …


From Mystère to millennium

… including Airways Flight Inspection, air-sea patrol and search and rescue. DLR, the German aerospace centre, has used …

Nimrods and Victors sharing a very crowded ramp at Wideawake during Operation Corporate. Crown Copyright Article

Multi-role Victors of the Falklands War

… from 43,000 to 18,000ft (13,106 to 5,486m) for a radar search of the area. This took a mere 90 minutes but covered …


What happened to Short Stirling BK716?

… of the Netherlands, the air war, the crew of BK716, the search and recovery of the bomber and the difficult handling …


The USAF’s last overseas-based A-10 squadron

… standard to any A-10 squadron - close air support, combat search and rescue, and forward air controller airborne - but … close air support, and the next week we might fly combat search and rescue, so our flight operations rotate through …


Display teams - the Stampe Formation Team

… decision to step up and lead the team. At this point, the search for new members to join him and Roger began.   In …