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Airpower 09 (heavy!)

I'm still going through my 2009 photos queue...

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PIK 29-01-10

Decide to get some photo therapy,so headed down the Coast to PIK and was please to see that N249BA had dropped in , so hung about till it departed

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So.. what will be the next manned 5th gen aircraft we'll see?

J-XX from China? ATD-X from Mitsubishi

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The PAK-FA Saga Episode 11.0

It's time to close the "The PAK-FA Saga Episode X" because it is much too many pages. The forum server cannot handle the strain of too many 20+ page threads.


New 787-9s for Air Europa

Air Europa will operate four new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners from...

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Tornado/Jaguar Grip

Hi all, I am posting this request as a last resort in the hope someone can help me.

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Had an hour or so at WLAC (EGLM) today whilst the light was good.

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Blue Streak question

I know Blue Streak never made it into service, but I an Inlaw of mine claims to have been on the transportation crew.

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Jose Maria Bravo

I just stumbled across this recent obituary on the Daily Telegraph site, quite a life this man had.

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Recommend a flight sim for a newbie

Hi board! I want to buy a flight simulator for my PC and wondered which you would recommend?

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Southend Airport progress?

Any news of expansion at Southend following the purchase by Stobarts?:)

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KE shall have fewest seats of any A380!

Korean finally revealed something of their configuration: 410 seats, including 12 first and 100 business.

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Lebanon turning into a hot spot - Isreali incursions into their airspace today

Not seeing this on the news yet. Should be over the intelligence work by Isreali agents finding out Syria is shuttling SA-2 weapons to Hezbollah. Anyone else seeing news on it yet?

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Trying to trace a hero's family...

Just came across this , wondered if some of the helpfull experts here could produce a few leads ??? Thousands of heroic scenes have been recounted and become part of the lore about the Allied inv

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Lowestoft Zeppelin Raid?

I had originally assumed this to be a relic of a Zeppelin raid on Lowestoft in April 1916. However, I can find no trace of such a raid althought there does seem to have been a German Naval raid.