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Airlines Article

Quiz: Airlines of the Americas

Can you identify these airlines from their livery and tail? Let us know what score you get!

Aviation Image Network Article

Quiz: How well do you know your airline identifiers?

This week we're testing how well you know your airline identifiers! Let us know what score you get!

Concorde Article

Concorde captain recalls his first flight

Speaking exclusively to Key.Aero, retired British Airways Concorde captain John Hutchinson recounts his experience training to fly the supersonic airliner for the first time

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Quiz: How well do you know your defunct airlines - US edition

The list of defunct airlines is extremely long, but how well do you know extinct United States-based examples? This is a quiz dedicated entirely to carriers that didn't stand the test of time

Boeing 720 Article

What happened when NASA deliberately crashed an airliner?

Nearly 40 years ago, a full-size jetliner was intentionally crashed into the desert by a team of scientists. Key.Aero reveals how and why it was done, and what lessons were learnt

Airbus A350-1000 Article

Airbus test pilot explains high-risk flight manoeuvres

Before any new airliner can begin flying passengers, manufacturers are required to put them through their paces to ensure that they’re up to regulatory standards. Speaking to Key.Aero, Airbus experimental test pilot Frank Chapman reveals the riskier manoeuvres in the flight test programme

DC-9 Article

Quiz: How well do you know your airlines?

We're revisiting a classic for this week's Commercial Aviation quiz! Can you identify these airlines using just small sections of their liveries? Let us know what score you get!

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"Sabía que si metía la pata cambiando las baterías... moriría"

El piloto de un transbordador comercial, Kerry McCauley, ha vivido una buena cantidad de emergencias a lo largo de sus 30 años de carrera, pero su viaje a través de África transportando un avión a Tanzania es particularmente memorable para él por todas las razones equivocadas...

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Boeing 757 flight deck turnaround tour

Minutes after landing in Sydney, Captain James McBride spoke with Key.Aero’s Thomas Haynes over Zoom from the cockpit of his Boeing 757. The veteran airline pilot provided an exclusive insight into the turnaround process while showing off features of the narrowbody

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Cuestionario: ¿Qué tan bien conoce sus aviones?

El cuestionario de esta semana sobre la aviación comercial se centra en la identificación de los tipos de aviones. ¿Cómo de bien los conoces? Dinos qué puntuación obtienes!

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Quiz: How well do you know your Soviet and Russian airliners?

Can you identify these Russian and Soviet-built airliners? Let us know what score you get!

Boeing 737 MAX 10 Article

Which airlines have ordered the Boeing 737 MAX 10?

After the type’s maiden flight last weekend, Key.Aero looks at some of its major customers

Boeing 737 MAX 10 Article

¿Qué compañías aéreas han encargado el Boeing 737 MAX 10?

Tras el vuelo inaugural del tipo el pasado fin de semana, Key.Aero analiza algunos de sus principales clientes

Boeing Article

How well do you know for commercial aviation?

Back by popular demand, have a go at our latest commercial aviation general knowledge quiz!


EXCLUSIVE: The X-59 - Designing for Low-Boom

In the fifth of a series of exclusive videos, Key.Aero details the X-59 QueSST's unique low-boom design and what it takes to build a supersonic X-plane.