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The runway at RAF Brize...

Deicers from Clariant: For a safe take-off on ice and snow Article

Deicers from Clariant: For a safe take-off on ice and snow

Learn about Clariant's special fluids that are used to deice planes and protect them from reicing before take-off

How technology is meeting the changing demands of airports Article

How technology is meeting the changing demands of airports

The evolution of the modern airport, and the way in which their operators conduct business, was well underway even before the global pandemic struck earlier in the year.

Frequentis Article

ATM-grade networks

Achieving safe, efficient, future-ready air traffic control Communications Frequentis was instrumental in introducing ATM-grade networks to the air traffic control industry, and continues to invest in taking them to the next level.


Are Airports the Next Smart Cities?

Airports globally are recognized as being similar to smart cities, as they focus on delivering improvements to operations, sustainability, experience and business vitality.


Prioritising safety in unmanned aircraft system traffic management

Drones are proliferating throughout the world’s airspace, making them impossible to ignore. As their numbers rise, the importance of finding a way for them to safely coexist with manned aircraft is growing increasingly urgent.

Healthy and Safer Airports Article

Our survey reveals industry views on post-pandemic airport recovery

Airports International conducted an online survey on behalf of Hitachi Vantara in July 2020, in order to understand the industry’s view on recovery from the pandemic and the use of technology to provide an enhanced ...

Deicers from Clariant: For a safe take-off on ice and snow Article

Descongelantes de Clariant: Para un despegue seguro sobre el hielo y la nieve

Conozca los fluidos especiales de Clariant que se utilizan para descongelar los aviones y protegerlos del rehielo antes del despegue

holding a glowing earth globe in his hands Article

WANTED: Airspace guardian of the future…

As Egis celebrates 50 years in aviation, we publish a new discussion paper imagining the long-term future of aviation and what relevance air traffic management might have within it.

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Achieving large-scale hand sanitizing for a COVID-secure future

Before the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, there was little importance placed on hand sanitizing outside of hospitals, surgeries and other healthcare centres

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Lograr la higienización de las manos a gran escala para un futuro seguro con COVID

Antes de que se produjera la pandemia de COVID-19, se daba poca importancia a la desinfección de las manos fuera de los hospitales, cirugías y otros centros sanitarios