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Forum topic

AR213 rebuild pics

Forum: Historic Aviation
Post date: 22nd February 2003 - 12:19
Author: Tom_W

I've been meaning to upload some more recent pics of the old girl's progress, finally got time today. The fuselage jig is now complete, save wooden profile boards being cut.

Forum topic

Meet up No. 2 - Saturday 1st March. Who is up for it?

Forum: Historic Aviation
Post date: 22nd February 2003 - 11:40
Author: Snapper

9am-ish for Runnymede, for anyone who wants to go on the way to Hendon, or who wakes up / arrives early enough.

Forum topic

new message borad

Forum: Historic Aviation
Post date: 1st January 2003 - 23:07
Author: ukf14

hi there if your into airshows and the coldwar please join us at

Forum topic

kermit weeks/lancaster

Forum: Historic Aviation
Post date: 21st February 2003 - 15:49
Author: Hatton

Has anyone got any photographs of kermit weeks' lancaster as it is now? Would be grateful for any help. Thanks.

many thanks, steve

Forum topic

Vought F4U-4 Twin Corsair

Forum: Historic Aviation
Post date: 19th February 2003 - 18:52
Author: geedee

Yup, you heard right...a twin Corsair. Never actually got off the drawing board but this baby was penned in by Vought's designer Rex B Beisel and his engineering staff.

Forum topic

Do you build kits? Stick em up

Forum: Historic Aviation
Post date: 14th February 2003 - 14:23

A few pictures of mine, not top notch but I'm happy with em. Compare them with yours...

Forum topic

Fire at Felthorpe Flying Club

Forum: Historic Aviation
Post date: 19th February 2003 - 10:39
Author: whalebone

News of serious fire, Argus + others destroyed. Was this the one that used to visit Raydon ? It "was" immaculate.

Forum topic

Allied 'Mistel' composites

Forum: Historic Aviation
Post date: 20th February 2003 - 13:10
Author: geedee

As we all know, during the last great one, a number of German 'planes where modified for roles not originally intended, and went by the name of 'Mistel composites'.