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El Airbus A400M alcanza nuevos hitos en el despliegue de paracaidistas

El transporte táctico pesado Airbus A400M ha alcanzado un nuevo hito en su desarrollo, al completar una prueba de vuelo de certificación para el despliegue de paracaidistas utilizando ambas puertas laterales del avión durante una sola pasada.


Indian Air Force receives first Dassault Rafale

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has officially received its first Dassault Rafale multi-role fighters, which were handed over during a ceremony held on October 8, a date that neatly coincided with the 87th anniversary of the air arm's formation.


The United States Air Force in Britain

Until now, books describing the USAF presence in the United Kingdom...


Finaliza el montaje principal del primer A400M belga

AIRBUS DEFENCE and Security ha completado el ensamblaje mayor del primer A400M para Bélgica, c/n 106, en la Línea de Ensamblaje Final (FAL) en el aeropuerto de Sevilla-San Pablo, España.


US Navy receives final two C-40A Clippers

The US Navy has received its final two Boeing C-40A Clipper logistical support aircraft. Delivery of these aircraft – a military derivative of the Boeing 737-700C – took place on September 26.


Indonesia seeks F-16V acquisition

The Indonesian Air Force has announced plans to acquire at least two squadrons worth of US-made Lockheed Martin F-16V (Block 70/72) Fighting Falcons and Russian-manufactured Sukhoi Su-35s under its 2020-2024 strategic plan, according to local media sources.


RAF takes ownership of first Poseidon MRA1

The Royal Air Force (RAF) has officially taken delivery of its first Boeing P-8A Poseidon MRA1 maritime patrol aircraft, following a handover ceremony at Boeing Field in Seattle, Washington.


Royal Thai Navy selects CAMCOPTER S-100 for ISR role

The Royal Thai Navy (RTN) has selected Schiebel Group's CAMCOPTER S-100 to provide an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) role across land and sea environments.


Italy's Guardia di Finanza orders more ATR 72MPs

Italy's Guardia di Finanza has ordered a further three ATR 72MP maritime patrol aircraft for dedicated surveillance duties.

RAF Texan flying Article

First Basic Flying Training course on Texan T1

THE FIRST Basic Flying Training (BFT) course using the new T-6C Texan T1 has begun at RAF Valley, Wales. The beginning of the syllabus was announced by the base on September 19, which said that it had started that week.


Japan seeks F-15J 'Super Interceptor' upgrade

The US State Department has approved a possible Foreign Military Sale to Japan for the modernisation and upgrade of up to 98 Mitsubishi F-15J Eagle air superiority fighters, under an effort that will produce Japanese Super Interceptors (JSI).


Airbus unveils secretive LOUT UAV

Airbus Defence and Space has unveiled its Low Observable UAV Testbed (LOUT), a secretive programme which has been in development since 2007.


MV-22 upgrade, maintenance contract awarded to Bell-Boeing

Bell-Boeing awarded a contract to provide upgrades and maintenance on US Marine Corps (USMC) MV-22B Osprey tiltrotors.


Oriones para Argentina

EL COMANDO DE AVIACIÓN NAVAL ARGENTINO adquirirá cuatro aviones de patrulla marítima P-3C retirados de los Estados Unidos en virtud de un acuerdo con el Departamento de Defensa de los Estados Unidos.


El Pegasus japonés entra en producción

BOEING COMENZÓ A MONTAR el primer avión cisterna de reabastecimiento aéreo KC-46A para Japón en su planta de producción 767 en Everett, Washington, el 11 de septiembre.