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How I became a pilot in the Battle of Britain film Article

WATCH: “How I became a pilot in the Battle of Britain film”

John Preece spent the summer of 1968 filming in one of the most iconic historic aviation movies ever made. Here’s how he got into it…


El titular más joven de la PPL británica le muestra un Piper L4 Cub

Ellie Carter se ha convertido en la piloto más joven de Gran Bretaña a pocas horas de cumplir 17 años. Aquí, nos da un paseo por la aeronave que vuela - una Piper L-4 Cub

Airlines Article

Quiz: Airlines of the Americas

Can you identify these airlines from their livery and tail? Let us know what score you get!

Battle of Britain scenes filmed inside a Spitfire Article

“How I filmed Battle of Britain scenes from inside a Spitfire”

John Preece got more than he bargained for when he was chosen to be a pilot in the most iconic historic aviation film ever made


WATCH: The man with the half-built Spitfire

You may not have seen him at the Battle of Britain airshow, but Stuart had a fascinating story to tell about the project that’s been 17 years and counting…


The Avro York: an Unsung Hero 

Its design was derived from the much-loved Lancaster bomber and it became the hero of the Berlin airlift, even serving as Winston Churchill’s personal transport. The Avro York first flew on July 5, 1942 


The 18-year-old who flies a D-Day aircraft

Ellie Carter became Britain’s youngest Private Pilot’s License holder just hours into her 17th birthday. We went down to Devon to take a flight with one of Britain’s youngest historic aviation fans…

Aviation Image Network Article

Quiz: How well do you know your airline identifiers?

This week we're testing how well you know your airline identifiers! Let us know what score you get!

Concorde Article

Concorde captain recalls his first flight

Speaking exclusively to Key.Aero, retired British Airways Concorde captain John Hutchinson recounts his experience training to fly the supersonic airliner for the first time

707 Article

Historic Aviation Quiz

Here is December's first historic aviation quiz!


Chuck Yeager, 1923 – 2020

The pioneering US test pilot, the first person to break the sound barrier, has died aged 97.

Chuck Yeager Article

Historic Aviation Quiz

It's the second historic quiz of December!

Wikimedia Commons Article

Quiz: How well do you know your defunct airlines - US edition

The list of defunct airlines is extremely long, but how well do you know extinct United States-based examples? This is a quiz dedicated entirely to carriers that didn't stand the test of time


Historic Aviation Quiz

Put your historic aviation knowledge to the test!


Historic Aviation Quiz

Try your hand at this week’s historic aviation quiz!