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Watch this USAF F-35A drop a mock B61-12 nuclear bomb for the first time

The Sandia National Laboratories released previously-classified footage of a USAF Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II fifth-generation multi-role stealth fighter dropping an inert B61-12 nuclear gravity bomb on November 23

New scheme for Czech Mi-35 Hind Article

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: New scheme for Czech Mi-35 Hind

Mi-35 3369 has never been seen in public in these marks – until now. Watch it captured on video for the first time ever.


Five years of USMC F-35B ops

On July 31, 2015, the USMC officially declared that its F-35B Lightning II stealth fighter fleet had achieved its initial operational capability.


VIDEO: La RAF habla de la nueva librea "Union Jack" para la exhibición de los Typhoon

La RAF presentó el mes pasado un nuevo esquema de pintura inspirado en la "Union Jack" para el jet de exhibición del equipo Typhoon. En la presentación, hablamos con el comandante del escuadrón 29, Jim Calvert, sobre el papel de su unidad y la nueva y colorida decoración del caza.


The United States Air Force in Britain

Until now, books describing the USAF presence in the United Kingdom...


Inside the world’s biggest aircraft carrier

Three years to the day since President Trump commissioned it, we take a closer look at the USS Gerald R. Ford – so big it has space for over 75 aircraft and can launch 220 airstrikes a day.


B-2 Spirit’s Arctic Mission

Thirty-one years after its first flight on July 17 1989, the B-2 Spirit may meet its replacement next year – but the world’s only flying wing still has a global presence.

Bonus content: Watch dramatic video footage of two B-2 Spirits being refuelled by a Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker while on a mission north of the Arctic Circle.


No 77 Squadron RAAF: Legacy Hornet Walkaround and Pilot Interview

Key.Aero speaks with Flt Lt Em, a junior legacy Hornet pilot with No 77 Squadron RAAF, who gives us an exclusive tour of an F/A-18A and discusses what its like to fly the matured fighter and how it continues to impress the aviators who fly it


La USAF acepta su primer F-15EX

La USAF aceptó formalmente su primer F-15EX en las instalaciones de Boeing en San Luis, Missouri, el 10 de marzo, poco más de un mes después de que el caza polivalente surcara los cielos por primera vez


CSG21: Los F-35B de la RAF participan en el Tridente Atlántico

Los Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II operados por la RAF y actualmente embarcados en el HMS Queen Elizabeth (R08) han participado en su primer ejercicio aéreo internacional mientras el portaaviones continúa su despliegue inaugural de siete meses en la región Indo-Pacífica


Book Reviews

Glenn Sands reviews three publications


Italy celebrates 60 years of the Frecce Tricolori

With the distinction of being the world’s largest military aerobatic team and one of Italy’s national symbols, the Italian Air Force’s Frecce Tricolori marked a major milestone on March 1, when it celebrated its 60th anniversary


USAF accepts its first F-15EX

The USAF formally accepted its first F-15EX at Boeing’s facility in St Louis, Missouri, on March 10 – just over a month after the multi-role fighter graced the skies for the first time


VIDEO: RAF discusses new 'Union Jack' livery for Typhoon display

The RAF rolled out a new ‘Union Jack’ inspired paint scheme for the display jet of the Typhoon Display Team last month. At the unveiling, we spoke with Wg Cdr Jim Calvert, the officer commanding No 29 Squadron, about the role of his unit and the fighter’s colourful new livery