Caravelle goes on display in Finland

Classic airliner exhibited at Turku Airport

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Lapland Lancaster – bomber turned tourist attraction

The wreck of a 617 Squadron Avro Lancaster has become a tourist attraction in Sweden

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When Sweden put a jet engine on a Lancaster

Jan Forsgren recalls Sweden’s five-engined Lancaster

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Major aircraft collection under threat

An important civil aviation museum needs to find a new home

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Sweden’s Spitfires in the Cold War

Of all aspects of the Spitfire’s service, its post-war use as a photo-reconnaissance platform by the Swedish Air Force is one of the least well-known — especially as regards clandestine overflights of the Soviet Union

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The story of Sweden's Hawker S 9 Ospreys

Based on the Hawker Hart, Sweden’s distinctive Hawker S 9 Ospreys were catapult-launched from a seaplane cruiser. Jan Forsgren details the type’s history

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Cold War History: French Ju 52s

Known to the Armée de l’Air as the Toucan, the Amiot AAC1 — the French-built version of the Junkers Ju 52/3m — was a mainstay of operations in Indochina, and in roles beyond its main transport purpose

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WORKSHOPOne of the most remarkable vintage aeroplane restorations...

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Peering Behind the Curtain

So often during the Cold War, the Canberra proved its worth...

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Pélican on its way back to France

Caudron C.510 Pélican SE-AGA in Sweden prior to its journey...