David Isby

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The secret USAF Boeing 757s that don’t exist

David Isby profiles Boeing 757s flying for the US Air Force which include the high-profile VIP C-32As and the secretive C-32Bs that undertake a range of sensitive missions.

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CMV-22B Osprey: The US Navy's New Carrier Onboard Delivery Aircraft

It is only two years since the US Navy received its first new carrier onboard delivery aircraft. Combat Aircraft Journal reports on its progress

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The evolving world of UAVs serving the US Navy and USMC

Combat Aircraft Journal explores the evolving world of unmanned aerial vehicles serving the US Navy and Marines Corps

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ANALYSIS: A look at the Afghan Air Force's aircraft inventory

While the future of Afghanistan may emerge from negotiations shaped by regional powers, its air force may be called upon to defend the nation, as we report

Production standard FTG-2000G first flight

The first light of a series production Guizhou Aviation Industry...

India test-fires Astra air-to-air missile

As part of a series of preinduction tests that ran through to...

Japan approved to buy nine additional E-2Ds

The US Department of State announced that it had given approval...

Exercise Vostok

Russia’s large-scale Vostok (east) 2018 exercise, which ran...

F-35 IOT&E delayed

Operational testing of the US Navy’s F-35C started on August...

Polish Su-22s returned to flight

Polish Siły Powietrzne (Air Force) Sukhoi Su-22M Fitter-H attack...