Mark Broadbent


Mark Broadbent reports on the aircraft disassembly market and how the industry’s sustainability push might create opportunities and challenges in the future

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How the Airbus A220 ripped up the regional jet rule book

In the decade since its first flight, almost everything about the Bombardier C Series has changed. That is, apart from its impressive range and spacious cabin. Mark Broadbent reports on what is now the Airbus A220

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Can China's new COMAC C919 truly rival the A320 and 737?

China has succeeded in pressing into service an indigenously built jet airliner – the COMAC C919. Mark Broadbent details its design and development and ponders its prospects

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What does Flybe 2.0’s failure mean for the UK's regional airlines?

Mark Broadbent considers the impact of Flybe’s failure on Britain’s regional airlines and routes.

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Everything you need to know about the Airbus A350

Ten years after the Airbus A350 made its first flight, Mark Broadbent considers the type’s first decade as well as its future

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Firing fireworks from aircraft: inside the Firebirds aerobatic team

Mark Broadbent talks to the Firebirds aerobatic team, who perform with pyrotechnics and LEDs

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Could this aircraft replace the 737? Boeing Transonic Truss-Braced Wing explained

Boeing and NASA have emerged with an eye-catching new concept for a future commercial airliner, reports Mark Broadbent

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Why did the Mitsubishi SpaceJet fail?

With prototypes flying and firm orders in place, why did Mitsubishi axe its regional jet programme? Mark Broadbent details the turbulent times which led to the cancellation of the SpaceJet project.

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NASA’s X-57 Maxwell: the ultimate guide to the electric trailblazer

NASA’s X-57 Maxwell is intended to provide industry and regulators with the knowledge to revolutionise sustainable aviation. Mark Broadbent learns more

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Why has physics lab CERN joined forces with Airbus?

Pioneering physics lab CERN is working with Airbus to research new technologies that will benefit aviation, reports Mark Broadbent