This week on Key.Aero, we pay tribute to that most legendary of RAF operations – Chastise, aka the Dambusters raid. In a series of themed features, we mark the mission’s 80th anniversary, reflecting on the men who flew those fabled sorties and examining the making of the famous 1955 film, The Dam Busters, starring Richard Todd as Guy Gibson

Echoes of heroes – Grantham’s Dambusters exhibition

The 80th anniversary of Operation Chastise in May 2023 enabled a rare opportunity to visit St Vincents Hall in Grantham, Lincolnshire

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Have you seen the 'Men of the Dams' art installation?

Exactly 80 years after Operation Chastise, FlyPast’s Jamie Ewan visited the International Bomber Command Centre where a new art installation commemorates the 53 airmen killed…

Stratford Manor Hotel to screen new Dambusters film

There’s a chance to see acclaimed new film ‘Attack On Sorpe Dam’ at Stratford Manor Hotel and Spa at 3pm on Sunday, June 18

Former 617 Squadron Vulcan salutes Dambusters

Hundreds of aviation enthusiasts gathered at London Southend Airport on the evening of May 20 to watch resident Avro Vulcan XL426 perform a high-speed taxi-run

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The Dambusters Today

Based at RAF Marham in Norfolk, 617 Squadron will remain as the UK’s frontline F-35B Lightning unit until 809 Naval Air Squadron stands up later this year. Officer Commanding 617 Sqn, Wing Commander Stew Campbell has a unique perspective on the 80th anniversary year, having been involved in the 70th anniversary commemorations in 2013.

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Dambusters in depth: The history of 617 Squadron

To mark the 70th anniversary of the Dambusters famous raid, in the May 2013 issue of FlyPast, Andrew Thomas examined the heritage of 617 Squadron – arguably the most famous RAF unit of them all

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Interview: ‘The Dam Busters’ star Richard Todd

Tom Allett recalls his conversations with the late Richard Todd about his distinguished portrayal of Guy Gibson in ‘The Dam Busters’

Historic Aviation Quiz: 'The Dambusters'

With Key.Aero honouring the ‘Dambusters’, we dedicate this week's quiz to the squadron, men, and machines of Operation Chastise – the audacious attack against the Great Dams of Germany’s Ruhr on May 16/17, 1943 in what was dubbed the “greatest raid” of the war…

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What was it like to fly in ‘The Dam Busters’ movie?

In the middle of a 24-year RAF career Eric Quinney couldn’t believe his luck when he was chosen to fly Lancasters in ‘The Dam Busters’ film…

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To Hell and Back - Dambusters interviewed

None of the brave men who flew on the ‘Dams Raid’ are alive today. Tom Allett met several veterans and here remembers conversations with two of them