Boeing F-15 Family

The F-15 design has proved impressively versatile with the aircraft first taking to the sky almost 50 years ago and yet still remains in production. The F-15 Eagle was designed by McDonnell Douglas, now part of Boeing,  to meet a US Air Force requirement for an air superiority fighter, though it can also perform ground attack. With 101 aerial victories and no defeats, the fighter has proven its worth and gone on to be the basis for multi-role F-15 Strike Eagle variants.

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USAF to perform flypast over Sheffield to mark 80th anniversary of B-17 crash

The US Air Force is to conduct a flypast over Endcliffe Park in Sheffield to mark the 80th anniversary of the crash of B-17 “Mi Amigo”.

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USAF to replace Kadena's outgoing legacy Eagles with F-15EXs?

The USAF is reportedly considering a plan to permanently replace the legacy F-15C/D Eagle fighters assigned to the 18th Wing at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan, with a smaller number of new F-15EX Eagle IIs

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US, Singapore plotting to base F-15SG Strike Eagles on Guam?

The USAF is assessing proposed infrastructure improvements at Andersen AFB, which would permit the basing of up to 12 Republic of Singapore Air Force-operated F-15SG Strike Eagle multi-role fighters and their relevant mission support infrastructure in Guam – a US island territory in the western Pacific Ocean

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US scrambles more jets to deter Israel-Hamas conflict escalation

In support of the Pentagon’s efforts to keep the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas from sparking a broader regional conflict, the USAF has scrambled additional A-10C Thunderbolt II ground attack aircraft and F-15E Strike Eagle multi-role strike fighters to US Central Command’s area of responsibility

Florida ANG F-15C/Ds take part in combined exercise in Colombia

Several F-15C/D Eagles from the 159th Fighter Squadron ‘Boxin’ Gators’ – a component of the Florida ANG’s 125th Fighter Wing – deployed to Palanquero, Colombia, on August 18 to participate in the combined exercise, Àngel de los Andes and Relámpago VIII

Japanese F-15J marks 100 years of the Italian Air Force

As part of preparations being made for welcoming a detachment of Italian F-35A Lightning IIs to Komatsu Air Base in Ishikawa, the Japan Air Self-Defense Force painted one of its F-15J Eagles in special markings to commemorate the centenary of the Italian Air Force

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Penultimate batch of F-15QA Ababil fighters head to Qatar

The penultimate batch of F-15QA Ababil multi-role fighters for the Qatar Emiri Air Force arrived at RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk, UK, on July 31 for a three-day stopover at the British base while on their delivery flight to Qatar

F-15E lands in DCS World

Eagle Dynamics has announced the Early Access release of the much anticipated DCS: F-15E by RAZBAM is out now.

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Exercise Air Defender 23 gallery

A selection of photos from Jagel and Hohn air bases by Mark Kerton. These locations are the two main bases being used to host fast jets for Exercise Air Defender 23.

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How the USAF is planning to massively change its frontline fighter fleets

The USAF’s fighter force comprises a disparate mix of aircraft types – some of which are rather old – and there are urgent plans to recapitalize the fleet with a mix of new and upgraded types, as Jon Lake explains

History of the McDonnell Douglas  F-15

Born and raised as a McDonnell Douglas jet in the early 1970s, the F-15 Eagle is the world’s greatest post-war fighter aircraft with a kill tally of over 100 for no losses.

In the late 1970s, a US Air Force requirement for a tactical strike aircraft resulted in the F-15E Strike Eagle. Designed as a multi-role aircraft, like its F-15 Eagle sister ship, the F-15E is also proven in combat, and remains the US Air Force’s tactical strike aircraft of choice, one with a lethal air-to-air 
capability and bucketloads of performance.

When McDonnell Douglas merged with Boeing in August 1997, the F-15 became a Boeing branded aircraft - a time when Boeing was only building variants of the Strike Eagle. Orders were thin on the ground, and in 2001, no F-15 deliveries were made. It was the only dud year in the programme’s 48-year history. International orders for variants of the F-15 Advanced Eagle turned the programme’s fortune around. Deliveries continued to Singapore, the Republic of South Korea, and Saudi Arabia.

The F-15 has 2 distinct branches to the family, F-15 Eagle and F-15 Strike Eagle variants.