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Face to Face: Paul Godfrey of UK Space Command

Air Vice-Marshal Paul Godfrey tells AIR International about the achievements and ambitions of UK Space Command

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What does Virgin Orbit's failed launch mean for UK space?

Robin Evans considers the impact of the company’s recent rocket launch ‘anomaly’ on the prospects for UK space

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What is being done to make commercial space market more sustainable?

The commercial space market needs to be more sustainable, but achieving this is anything but straightforward, finds Mark Broadbent

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Space, weather and aviation

Technological innovations in space are driving dramatic advancements in weather forecasting on Earth, improving safety and reliability within aviation, reports Tom Batchelor

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Space debris: the risks and the remedies

Tens of thousands of pieces of debris are ricocheting around space. While many are tiny, they have the potential to add up to a very big problem

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ZOË ASHFORD: the new face of space

Cranfield University student Zoë Ashford tells Tara Craig why space matters

Scotland publishes space sustainability roadmap

Scotland’s space sector has published a sustainability roadmap, underscoring its commitment to the environment

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NASA's Space Launch System - what next?

NASA’s Space Launch System will be the most powerful rocket ever, but where do the latest setbacks leave the mission?

New Zealand and US sign space deal

The New Zealand and United States governments have signed a framework agreement that they hope will drive further opportunities in space and enable closer collaboration with NASA

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Interview: Melissa Thorpe, Spaceport Cornwall

As the CEO of Spaceport Cornwall, Melissa Thorpe talks to Mark Broadbent about the facility’s work and ambitious long-term plans