Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach releases the VelocityOne Flightdeck HOTAS

Turtle Beach has announced the VelocityOne Flightdeck HOTAS flight control system is now available.

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VelocityOne Flight Stick & Rudder Pedals review

In Issue 137 of PC Pilot, we introduced the new VelocityOne flight yoke and throttle combo from the San Diego-based Turtle Beach Corporation. They have now produced two more flight-related products: the VelocityOne Flight Stick and Rudder Pedals.

The Human Element – Turtle Beach Interview Feature Premium

The Human Element – Turtle Beach Interview

We talk to the company behind the VelocityOne Flight Universal Control System.

Turtle Beach’s VelocityOne Flight Review Premium

Turtle Beach’s VelocityOne Flight

In this review, look at the latest product from a company new to the world of simulation controllers but who have been designing and bringing to market many high-tech and gaming products since 1975 - San Diego-based Turtle Beach Corporation.

VelocityOne Flight Simulation Control System Coming this Summer

Turtle Beach Corporation has announced its entry into gaming simulation hardware with the VelocityOne Flight Simulation Control System.