Vickers Wellington

The ultimate Vickers Wellington quiz

Think you know the Vickers Wellington bomber? Why not test yourself against our quiz on the World War Two bomber.

RAF Museum Midlands' Wellington unveiled

Following a decade of conservation work with the Michael Beetham Conservation Centre, Vickers Wellington MF628 has been placed on public display...

Wellington tribute statue unveiled

A statue depicting the pilot of a Vickers Wellington has been officially unveiled in Nottinghamshire

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Have you heard of the other Loch Ness ‘monster’?

In the very first issue of FlyPast, it was described as the “most ambitious aviation archaeological project ever undertaken”. Jamie Ewan recounts the quite incredible story of 'R-for-Robert' – the bomber that finally came home...

WATCH: What’s happening with the RAF Museum’s Vickers Wellington?

After 11 years in the Conservation Centre at Cosford, the end could finally be in sight – as Darren Priday explains…