World War Two (1939-1945)

Hopes grow for permanent Spitfire tribute

A fundraising drive to create a National Spitfire Monument at Southampton, close to the legendary fighter’s spiritual home, has been launched.

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Why did Germany launch the Blitz?

Think of the Blitz, and the Luftwaffe’s heavy, sustained bombardment of British cities and industrial objectives that began in September 1940 springs to mind first. But that was just part of Germany’s series of bombing offensives against the British Isles, right up to the V1 and V2 campaigns. What were the strategic objectives underpinning them, and how effective did they prove?

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How the Grumman Hellcat proved to be a powerful weapon

The Grumman Hellcat was among the US Navy’s principal World War Two combat aircraft. Malcolm V Lowe tells the story of this fighter, which turned out to be a powerful weapon

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How Hawker Hurricanes were modified to transport mail

Outmoded as a European theatre fighter the Hawker Hurricane may have been by 1944-45, but still it played a key role in the Allied liberation of Europe — of all things, delivering mail

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The incredible story of how Malta survived World War Two

Almost totally surrounded, outnumbered and outresourced, the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta became a byword for bravery and resilience in World War Two, and never more so than in the April of 1942. Joseph Debono explains

BBMF Avro Lancaster Tour

Squadron Leader Clive Rowley MBE gives Key Aero a tour of PA474

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Luftwaffe fighter ace Rudolf Müller

Of all the Luftwaffe fighter pilots who fought in the Arctic theatre until the spring of 1943, none achieved as many aerial successes as Rudolf Müller. However, his war came to a premature end

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Bristol Beauforts: the unsung heroes of World War Two?

Considered by many to be among the RAF’s more unsung heroes during World War Two, Bristol Beauforts also served with other nations around the world. Andrew Thomas reflects on these little-known deployments

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Allied fighters: the final 5 revealed and rated

FlyPast summarises the final 5 ‘best’ Allied fighters and compare the statistics of individual models... but do you agree?

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World War Two's Barrage balloons

RAF Balloon Command was an integral part of Britain’s air defence in World War Two, but these silvery beasts were hard to control and would bite friend and foe alike, as Steve Richards explains