World War Two (1939-1945)

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What was the Air Transport Auxiliary?

The Battle of Britain is quite rightly associated with the endeavours of The Few – but these gallant airmen were not alone in contributing to the nation’s defence. Another key element was provided by the Air Transport Auxiliary, as Tara Leggett describes

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Who was Luftwaffe ace Roloff Von Aspern?

Many airmen paid the ultimate price in World War Two and some – especially from the German side – appear to have been forgotten. Chris Goss sheds light on a Luftwaffe ace who was killed in action and whose body was never found

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Why does the 'Suffolk Spitfire' boast a USAAF scheme?

When the United States Army Air Forces entered the war in Europe, Spitfires appeared adorned with stars and bars. Darren Harbar reveals why and details their operations with the 309th Fighter Squadron in North Africa

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War Surplus: Belly Tank Racers

Frank Mormillo reports on the War Surplus on Wheels – World War II’s Influence on Hot Rodding exhibition at California's Lyon Air Museum

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Luftwaffe's legendary surprise raid on Asch

Thomas McKelvey Cleaver describes the remarkable 45-minute skirmish over Asch – perhaps the wildest fight for any Eighth Air Force fighter unit

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The Hawker Tempest in WW2

In action over Europe after D-Day and tangling with Luftwaffe fighters on a regular basis, Thomas McKelvey Cleaver documents a dramatic and decisive year of combat for the Hawker Tempest 

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How KLM kept flying as war spread through Europe

Frustrated at the consequences of war in 1940, KLM’s boss Albert Plesman dubbed the hangars full of DC-3s at Schiphol airport his “boxes of oranges”. The Aeroplane visited just before the German invasion

Historic Aviation Quiz - Hawker Tempest

Often said to be the ‘unsung power player’, the Hawker Tempest’s development was often troublesome. But how much do you know about the last piston engine fighter to carry Royal Air Force colours?

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Battle of the Bulge – the Hawker Tempest’s ferocious fight back

Also known as the Ardennes Offensive, the Battle of the Bulge was the final major German campaign on the Western Front during World War Two. Thomas McKelvey Cleaver details the ferocious aerial fight back Hawker Tempest crews mounted in response

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1./JG 53 – The Luftwaffe’s ‘Ace of Spades’

Nine Messerschmitt Bf 109E-equipped Jagdgeschwaders would take part in the Battle of Britain, each of which was made up of nine staffels. Chris Goss relates the story of one of these – 1 Staffel/Jagdgeschwader 53...