Airport Names Quiz

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Question 1 of 10

Which of the following places has an airport named after James Bond creator Ian Fleming?

Kingston, Jamaica
Montego Bay, Jamaica
Boscobel, Jamaica
Nassau, Bahamas

Question 2 of 10

Just two UK Airports are named after famous people connected with their locations, but where are they?

Aberdeen and Southend
Liverpool and Belfast
Southampton and Liverpool
Belfast and Glasgow

Question 3 of 10

New Orleans Airport is named in honour of which famous trumpeter?

Miles Davis
Louis Armstrong
Chet Baker
Harry James

Question 4 of 10

Madeira Airport is named after which famous Portuguese footballer?

Luis Figo
Eusébio da Silva Ferreira
Cristiano Ronaldo
Bernardo Silva

Question 5 of 10

Which Los Angeles airport is named after actor and comedian Bob Hope?

Fort Lauderdale
Van Nuys

Question 6 of 10

Which of Kyiv’s airports is named in honour of Ukranian-American helicopter designer Igor Sikorsky?


Question 7 of 10

Which Portuguese city has named its airport after Pope John Paul II?

Ponta Delgada

Question 8 of 10

St Maarten’s famous airport is named in honour of which female member of the Dutch royal family?

Princess Juliana
Queen Beatrix
Princess Irene
Princess Magriet

Question 9 of 10

Which of the following aviation pioneers has not had an airport named in their honour?

William Boeing
William Piper
John Glenn
Donald Douglas

Question 10 of 10

In which Russian city can you find Yuri Gagarin Airport?

St Petersburg

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