Algeria’s first C-130J being readied for delivery

Lockheed Martin is preparing to deliver the first Super Hercules for the Algerian Air Force, which has now been undergoing flight testing for several months from the manufacturer’s facility at Greenville- Donaldson Airport, South Carolina.

The C-130 is expected to be delivered before the end of 2021. The aircraft is painted in a civilian-style colour scheme, with white upper surfaces and a grey lower fuselage, separated by a thin green cheat line. The aircraft, which is the former commercial LM-100J prototype, carries a military roundel on the rear fuselage and large Algerian Air Force titles on the forward fuselage, with serial number 7T-WJA (c/n 382-5818) on the tail and US FAA test registration N5103D on the rear fuselage. The scheme is like that worn by other, older model Algerian Hercules. 

Algerian Air Force C-130J
Algerian Air Force LM-100J Super Hercules 7T-WJA/N5103D during a pre-delivery test flight from Greenville, South Carolina, on September 30.  Chase Hendrick

Although the manufacturer declined to comment on the deal, as the order has not been made public, it is believed to be for four aircraft, although it is unclear whether all are of the LM-100J model.

Algerian pilots and maintenance personnel are reported to have been training on the type in the US for some months. The initial aircraft was first noted at Greenville on May 23 this year. The currently operational Algerian Air Force Hercules fleet is believed to comprise six C-130Hs, seven C-130H-30s and one L-100-30, all operated by the 312ème, 322ème and 332ème Escadrons de Transport (Transport Squadrons) of the 2ème Escadre de Transport Tactique et Logistique (2nd Tactical Transport and Logistics Wing) at Boufarik Air Base.