A300-600R lands in Microsoft Flight Simulator

iniBuilds has announced the Airbus A300-600R for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available.

A freighter variant is included in the package.
A freighter variant is included in the package. iniBuilds

Previously released for X-Plane, the aircraft for MSFS sports an authentic simulation of the hydraulic, electrical, pressurisation and fuel systems, including the unique A300-600R trim tank functionality. Other highlights include independent and fully functional FMS (Flight Management Computers) with realistic RNAV and autoland capability. It also features state-of-the-art high-resolution cockpit displays with various cautions and warnings triggered by poor maintenance.

The unique behavioural characteristics of the A300-600R are modelled throughout each system, as well as an extensively tuned flight model with accurate performance, landing and take-off behaviour. The General Electric GE CF6-80C2A1 engines are simulated with custom maintenance functions: engine oil, APU oil hydraulic fluid levels and wheel brake/tyre wear.

The flight deck sports authentic displays.
The flight deck sports authentic displays. iniBuilds

The 3D model sports optimised high-resolution PBR (Physically Based Rendering) textures and reworked 3D cockpit and exterior models of the A300-600R (passenger) and A300-600RF (freighter) variants. Performance texture packs are available for lower-end systems.

Other details include maintenance options and other abnormal situations such as brake wear indicators, fuelling panel, openable APU and engine cowlings, visible tyre wear, RAT (Ram Air Turbine) and reactive windshield rain. It also sports a realistic door arming simulation with emergency slides.

Various animations and ground equipment are modelled.
Various animations and ground equipment are modelled. iniBuilds

The package comes with an authentic WWise sound set using recordings from the real aircraft with effects such as audio effects for the exterior, cabin and cockpit, as well as authentically modelled CF6s 'Buzzsaw' sound depending on N1 speed. Additional features include an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) with Navigraph and SimBrief integration, performance calculators, load manager, and ground handling such as stairs, chocks and a ground power unit.

The aircraft is available on the iniBuilds store for £34.99.