Vegan restaurant to land in Vienna

Vienna Airport has signed an agreement to open a combined Veganista/The LaLa takeaway restaurant in its newly designed Terminal 2.

Veganista/The LaLa will have a footprint of more than 50m² and will open when Terminal 2 is put into operation in 2022. The eatery will offer vegan and healthy meals, with a focus on regional cuisine and sustainability.

The restaurant will complement the Austrian airport’s sustainability strategy, with plastic-free packaging and ice cream served in cups made from starch.

Julian Jäger, joint CEO and COO of Vienna Airport, said: “With Veganista and The LaLa, we have lured top local quality on board. [Veganista founders] Cecilia Havmöller and Susanna Paller will not only give the plaza in the newly designed Terminal 2 a young, urban and dynamic flair in the future, but their offering perfectly meets the needs of our travellers.

“For the first time, a restaurant will make food from regional organic products which is kosher and made according to Halal criteria. We look forward to Terminal 2 commencing operations, most likely at the beginning of the 2022 summer flight schedule.”