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Indonesia buys Qatari Mirage 2000-5s to plug air defence gap

Indonesia has confirmed it signed an initial contract to buy the outgoing fleet of 12 French-made Dassault Mirage 2000-5EDA/DDA fighters from the Qatar Emiri Air Force as a short-term solution to filling the long-standing gap in the nation’s domestic air defense while it waits for its first Dassault Rafales to be delivered

Ukraine eyes retired Australian F/A-18s to help boost war effort

Ukraine, Australia and the US are reported to be currently engaged in discussions regarding the potential transfer of up to 41 ex-Royal Australian Air Force-operated Boeing F/A-18A/B Hornet multi-role fighters to Kyiv in a bid to strengthen the Ukrainian Air Force’s airpower capabilities as the nation’s war with Russia continues

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Paris Air Show 2023 military photo gallery

A selection of some of the military highlights captured by Key Publishing’s team on the ground at this year’s Paris Air Show.

The Monday Military Aviation Quiz 150

Welcome to the 150th Monday Military Aviation Quiz! How well do you know your modern military aircraft? Test your aircraft recognition skills here

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A-10s with attitude: The shark mouth ‘Warthogs’ of Moody AFB

The 23rd Fighter Group directs the flying and maintenance operations for two combat-ready A-10C squadrons. The group continues to lead the charge to find the A-10’s new direction in combat within America’s pivot from counterinsurgency warfare to that against a great competitor.

A-10 pilot interview: Flying the ‘Warthog’

In this concluding part of the interview Colonel Steve Ladd (ret.) tells Key Aero’s Dino Carrara about what the A-10A Thunderbolt II (‘Warthog’) was like to fly and also what the aircraft’s fearsome GAU-8 Gatling gun was like to fire

A-10 pilot interview: 81st TFW – Bentwaters and Woodbridge operations

Key Aero’s Dino Carrara interviewed Colonel Steve Ladd (ret.) about his time flying the A-10A Thunderbolt II (‘Warthog’) with the 81st Tactical Fighter Wing, which was housed at the twin bases of RAF Bentwaters and Woodbridge

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Hawgsmoke: The competition to find the best A-10 pilots

An overview of the biennial Hawgsmoke gunnery competition.

USAF F-22s deploy to Middle East amid rising Russian tensions

US Central Command announced on June 14 that several F-22A Raptor fifth-generation air superiority fighters from the USAF’s 94th Fighter Squadron ‘Hat in the Ring’ have deployed to an undisclosed location in the Middle East amid rising tensions between the US and Russia in Syria and Ukraine

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A-10 Weapons School - Where elite Warthog pilots are trained

Assigned to the 57th Wing based at Nellis Air Force Base, the 66th Weapons Squadron runs the A-10 course for the US Air Force Weapons School.

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This is the only website you need for the latest in military aviation news and analysis with specialist webpages focusing on the fastest and largest aircraft in the world, the airforces and their pilots. From this central hub you can find links to the many categories of articles within Key.Aero that provide that in-depth coverage of military aviation. Learn about the varied facets of military aviation, its history and its fighters, transports and the airshows where they can all be seen on static display or in flying displays overhead.

Airforce and Military Aircraft News

All the latest news you will want to read about the airforces of the world, large and small can be found in this one place. The United States airforce, the Russian Federation airforce, the Republic of Korea airforce, and China’s People’s Liberation Army airforce, have some of the largest fleets in the world. The challenges that face these airforces, and others, range from the management of ageing fleets to working with industry to develop the latest aircraft technologies for the entry into service of fifth generation and stealth capable fighters and bombers.

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Military Fighters Aircraft and Combat Aircraft

Discover everything about the deadliest military fighter aircraft in the world in this section. Links to expert resources and articles can be found here for the fast jets from the world’s biggest manufacturers, Lockheed Martin, Russia’s Sukhoi Design Bureau, China’s Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation, and the European consortium that is Eurofighter Typhoon. News and analysis of their aircrafts’ capabilities are easy to find along with comprehensive background information of the world’s key models and makes of fighter. The Mach 2 capable Boeing F-15 Strike Eagle air superiority fighter, able to intercept an enemy’s fighters at long range, the agile Sukhoi Su-35 designed to win up close engagements with its thrust vectoring; and the radar defeating stealth aircraft from Lockheed Martin, the F-117 Knighthawk, the F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Lightning II, can all be found here along with many other fast jets.

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Military Transport Aircraft

The largest aircraft in any fleet, in this section you can discover the history of, and the latest technology developments for, these behemoths of the sky. With huge wingspans and multiple engines, the global nature of conflict since the 20th century has required the international reach of these massive long-haul aircraft. From the United States Airforce’s Lockheed C-5 Galaxy to the Antonov An-124 Ruslan of the Russian Federation airforce and the Airbus A400M used by various other European airforces, the military transport aircraft carrying men and materials around the world can be found in this comprehensive resource.

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Military Aircraft Shows

The Royal International Air Tattoo, RAF Cosford air show, China’s Zhuai airshow, Germany’s ILA Berlin and Russia’s MAKS International Aviation and Space Salon are all shows that provide fantastic opportunities to see, hear and learn about the latest in military aircraft from fast jets to strategic bombers. Key.Aero’s military aircraft show section will keep you up to date with the latest news provided by its reporters attending these major airshows, and others, around the world that have military displays presenting the latest capabilities.

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